Why pre-washing your car is important?

The importance of prewash

Why is pre-washing the car so important?

The importance of prewash cannot be overstated! Most of the dirt on the surface of the car are small peaces of sand that can easily scratch the paint on your car. The main principle of prewash is to remove as much dirt as possible from the car surfaces before the paint is mechanically touched.

Is rinsing with water alone enough?

Rinsing with water before mechanical washing is always good. But the pre-detergent that spreads into a thick foam and stays on the surface for a longer time, giving the detergent time to soften the dirt unlike water runs away almost immediately. A high-quality prewash detergent softens dirt and helps remove most of it already at the prewash stage. This helps to minimize scratching of the paint surfaces, so that paints gloss can be maintained for as long as possible!

What is the right cleaner for pre-washing my own car?

There are roughly two types of prewash detergents. Wax safe and not wax safe. If your car does not have any wax on it or you want to remove exciting wax layer, stronger prewash is your choice. And on the other hand, if your waxed car needs a pre-detergent for maintenance washing, your choice is for example wax friendly Fure Snow Foam.

Prewash detergent application?

You can use a pressure sprayer or foam cannon. Foam cannon is slightly better because it allows the prewash detergent to be applied to the surface of the car as a thick foam. The advantage of the foam is that it will dry much slower on the surface of the car and the detergent has several minutes to act and soften the dirt. This procedure allows as much dirt as possible to be washed away at this stage of the wash.

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